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Sample Pricing

Check out Tatis nbr transformation!!! @c

All extensions are not the same...

We are obsessed with making your extensions and natural hair blend seamlessly, that no one will ever know you have extensions, unless you tell them. We use 2-3 different extension colors to mimic your natural hair. We then custom color your natural hair and the extensions to blend perfectly. We pride ourselves on having educated ourselves on a variety of methods, to always bring the best to our clients. 

We offer a variety of extension methods including Natural Beaded Rows, Habit Hand Tied Method, The Luna Method and Tape Ins. Fill out the form below to get a custom consultation and price quote.

ONE ROW for Fullness Starts at $900

TWO ROWS for Fullness and Length starts at $1700

TRANSFORMATION of short hair to long starts at $2000

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