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Are you ready for an in person extension class, that is better than any other class offered locally?

Have you been wanting to take a beaded row extension class but aren't sure which method to choose? Have you taken other extension classes but have not had the tools to grow an extension clientele? With our one day "Everything But the Bead" class, you will get all the knowledge on how to color match, custom color, placement, cutting and more. We will cover pricing, stocking hair, styling and photography, giving you all the tools that may have been missing in other classes. With our "Everything and the Bead" class, we will go over a customizable, minimal contact point extension method, that is completely safe for your clients hair. This method is great for beginners or anyone who already does extensions, but is looking for a better method. Although this method can be used with machine wefts, we prefer hand tied wefts and go over why in the class.

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